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We love to pamper your pets!

Pet Grooming is a passion of ours. At Brass Hydrant we’ve been taking care of Rapid City’s beloved pets for over 30 years. We are here to take care of your special friends from puppy to senior in all sizes.

Please feel free to look around our site to learn more about our pet grooming options or give us a call. 605-342-2084

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Pet Grooming Services

Multi-coated dogs. They should be groomed every 2-3 months and brushed out every couple of days at home. This at home care will help keep the cost of your grooming down. (We can also help with this.)

Senior pets. Seniors need specialized care and we at Brass Hydrant are trained to take care of you pets with the comfort & proper care they deserve.

Puppy Grooming. Puppies that require a lot of grooming should be started as soon as 6-8 weeks of age, this makes grooming less traumatic for them. Starting them off with the right groomer is essential.

Pick up & delivery of your pets is available for a small fee of $5-10 depending on the location.

Toenail Care. $5 every day! Should be done on a regular schedule of 4-8 weeks.

Ears & Teeth. Our groomers can also check your pet’s ears & brush their teeth! $8

Other Grooming areas. Our pet grooming services always include anal gland, ears and nails.

Other Pets. Brass Hydrant’s groomers are also available for bathing ferrets & some rodents. Their toenails and ears should be checked every month or so to ensure your pet’s health. 

Before grooming tips. Let your pets outside before bringing to the groomers, please! This makes their visit less stressful for them.

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